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linda duffy   

merry Christmas to you all and a happy & peaceful new year xxx.
Thank you

Full racheal paget   

Like to wish all our squaddies boys and girls a very merry Xmas also that we are so proud of you all have a safe trip home and we will be thinking about you and your family's at Xmas have a great new year all the best for 2017 all xx

Michelle Hazelden   

Hi everyone
Thinking of you all this Christmas
Stay safe N remember we are keeping you in our thoughts never forgotten
Merry Christmas xxxx

Linda Cook   

Wishing you all peace, safety and respect from all of those you protect. Thank you and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Caroline hardisty   

Merry Christmas to you service men and women 🙂

Sarah Byrne   

Well boys and girls, it's the time of year when people should be with their lived ones. You boys and girls are as far from that as you could possibly be so .......
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hoping you find the time to enjoy a little part of the festivities and get something from the big man himself 🎅
Take care and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do


I wish you all a healthy, safe Christmas, & be as happy as you can in the circumstances you find yourselves. Just know, that we the general public are behind you, & thank you all for putting your lives on the line to keep us safe.


Christmas Messages: To show our support for our serving troops around the world, we’ve added a small feature whereby you can post them a Christmas message. It’s on the left sidebar. Just complete the fields, and once approved, it will be visible for all to see.

First Christmas Video: Check out the Gallery for a Christmas Video message from Davina McCall.

Registrations: Thank you for your interest in Adopt a British Squaddie. Owing to overwhelming support, all our squaddies have now been allocated. Because of the Government decision to recall our troops from foreign bases, the number of service personnel registering with us to receive parcels has dropped dramatically. If you would like us to keep your details on record in case this situation should change, please let us know. In the meantime we apologise for the disappointment we know that you must feel at not being able to send parcels to our troops at present.

Hello and welcome to Adopt A British Squaddie. Set up in June 2010 by the founder, Mark Stephens, the group has gone on to support over 5,800 troops and sent 15,000+ parcels and letters to help boost morale and give a small taste of home. Unlike a number of other groups Adopt A British Squaddie allows members of the public to get involved with actively supporting individual members of our Armed Services while they are out on Operational Deployment in Afghanistan and other conflict zones.

If you are a UK based resident and want to support UK troops then why not sign up to Adopt A Squaddie? Once registered you will be allocated a member of the armed forces (‘adoptee’), who you will support while they are on tour.

This is achieved by sending welfare or comfort parcels with things to remind them of home and to make life a little easier in the hostile and difficult circumstances they are in.

You can also send letters (or blueys) and emails (e-blueys) once you have sent your first parcel to keep in touch if you both decide .

If you are a member of the UK Armed Forces you can sign up to be ‘adopted’.

We are registered as a delivery partner with the MOD.

You can register at any time during your tour to be supported by us. Adopting a member of our services is open to individuals and groups and once inside you will find everything you need to know about the group, its founders and what you can do to help. Thank you for visiting and for supporting our armed forces.