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Here at Adopt a British Squaddie we take the security of our service personnel very seriously. To that end every potential adopter undergoes a rigorous security check.

The information used teck potential adopters are all available in the public domain so therefore if the applicant has opted out of the various public lists chances are they they will fail the security check. The choice to opt out of these lists is yours and yours alone.

Other reasons that you could fail are numerous but here are a few examples;

  • Name spelt incorrectly – therefore uncheckable
  • Address incorrect
  • Not following the rule on email addresses
  • Men claiming to be women and visa-versa
  • Using a shortened version of your name e.g. Bill for William
  • Personal details given not agreeing with that in the public domain
  • email address “Bouncing”

I hope that you understand the need for these checks. Unfortunately we are not able to discuss any reasons for failures, but it is usually down to the applicant. If you do fail please feel free to apply again ensuring that the details you enter are correct, however, if you are not on the public lists or have opted out of them then unfortunately you will still fail.

Taking out a subscription to the group does not give you a “Bye” on the security checks

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